Ride Engineering Competition Season

Organization: Theme Park Engineering Group

The Ride Engineering Competition, hosted by the Theme Park Engineering Group at Iowa State University, offers students a chance to demonstrate real-world engineering practices within the industry focus of ride engineering and design. Student teams will have 6 months to design, plan, and manufacture an attraction for 1:50 scale riders based on a prompt that includes a plot of land and desired rider experience. Teams will receive points for three major deliverables: a Systems Engineering Report that details the engineering decisions and actions throughout the project, a Functional Physical Model of the attraction, and a team score for Final Presentation and Outreach. Teams will also receive point deductions for the relative cost of their ride compared to their competition.

The Season will consist of exclusive Webinars and access to professional industry software.

The Competition culminates in a 1.5-day event featuring an 8-hour window in which all Ride models must run continuously. During this time Teams will Service their rides whenever needed. Judges will award points based on the implementation of the ride and team’s service preparedness, and teams will present their Ride and Engineering Process.



Full Competition

October 23 2020:             Registration Opens and Prompt is Announced

Friday December 4 2020:         Registration Closes

Monday February 8 2021:         Event Registration Opens

Friday March 12th 2021:        Event Registrations Close

Friday April 9 2021:             Final Hand-in

Fri.-Sat. April 16-17 2021:         Competition Event

Apr 16, 2021 12:00 pm CDT - Apr 17, 2021 10:00 pm CDT
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